So this is a suggestion really to make moon avoid a little smarter but I am not sure if it is possible or easy to do. Currently moon avoid works very nice when the moon is above the horizon but is not great when the moon is below the horizon. From what I understand and found out moon avoid is still in affect when the moon is down. For example, lets same plan is set with moon avoid and it is ok to do the observation when the moon is 90 degrees away. It is 22:00 local time and the object is high enough to be imaged however it is within the 90 degrees from the moon so moon avoid prevents it from being imaged even though it is a dark sky for another 2 hours. Currently moon down and moon avoid should not be used at the same time. What if they could be used the same time and work like this. Moon down is checked first and if the moon is down, moon avoid is not used. However, if moon down is checked and the moon is up, then moon avoid takes effect. Moon avoid has been working great for most so I can just live with it the way it is. So maybe this is not as easy as it sounds and I have a way around it, somewhat, but this was just an idea that came up.