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    Default AutoFocus script changing settings in FocusMax preferences


    It seems that whenever I run the AutoFocus script something (either ACP or FM) changes some of the FM preferences. Specifically, the Return to Start Position gets enabled. I leave it off when testing so I can test in marginal conditions, but it keeps getting turned back on. Any idea what I might look for?

    Also, when testing under marginal conditions, an AcquireStar run can take over 10m (I have the convergence settings very tight) which is triggering a timeout apparently in ACP (doesn't show in the FM logs, only in the ACP logs). Is there someplace I can adjust this timeout?

    I've attached log from ACP where the FM preferences were set so Return to Start Position was disabled at the start of the run, but enabled sometime during the run since the Final Focus > max allowed HFD gets triggered.

    This does not happen when I invoke an AcquireStar manually from FM or via the other automation program.


    Paul Howard
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