Hello Bob,

A simply question with focusmax. Currently I am using ACP v6.0 (build 5) and it's been working good with earlier version of focusmax, and now the first time connect with focusmax V4 I found it's won't work and the focusmax log as follows, is there anything I don't set right in ACP or focusmax?

** Starting AcquireStar Sequence **
FocusMax Version:
System: OS RiFast 500 n FLI Proline 16803
Running under automation: True
ASCOM Telescope Driver for TheSky. ==> tracking on
Current RA Topo: 03:38:59.7
Current Dec Topo: +11:40:00.3
Current telescope position not plate solved!
Using telescope coordinates
Error -2147220479: SetTopocentric set - '-999' is an invalid value. The valid range is: 0 to 23.9999. Transform_Topo_To_J2000
Star not found - aborting operation
AcquireStar not completed