Hello to all

i have a IP Power Switch 9258 who can switch on and off 4 AC Power plugs. Now i want to control this over the web interface. i made a tiddler

<title>I/O Control</title>
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="No-cach">
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8"></meta>
<font FACE="Roman,Arial" COLOR="#0000FF" SIZE="+1">I/O Control</font>
<hr WIDTH="100%">

<form NAME="ioControl" METHOD="post" enctype="text/plain" ACTION="/tgi/iocontrol.tgi">
<table BORDER="1">
<tr ALIGN="center" VALIGN="middle">
<tr ALIGN="center">
<td><input NAME="pw1Name" VALUE="Dome" SIZE="16" MAXLENGTH="16"></td>
<td><input TYPE="radio" NAME="P60" VALUE="On" > On <input TYPE="radio" NAME="P60" VALUE="Off" CHECKED> Off</td>
<tr ALIGN="center">
<td><input NAME="pw2Name" VALUE="Teleskop" SIZE="16" MAXLENGTH="16"></td>
<td><input TYPE="radio" NAME="P61" VALUE="On" > On <input TYPE="radio" NAME="P61" VALUE="Off" CHECKED> Off</td>
<tr ALIGN="center">
<td><input NAME="pw3Name" VALUE="Camera" SIZE="16" MAXLENGTH="16"></td>
<td><input TYPE="radio" NAME="P62" VALUE="On" > On <input TYPE="radio" NAME="P62" VALUE="Off" CHECKED> Off</td>
<tr ALIGN="center">
<td><input NAME="pw4Name" VALUE="frei" SIZE="16" MAXLENGTH="16"></td>
<td><input TYPE="radio" NAME="P63" VALUE="On" > On <input TYPE="radio" NAME="P63" VALUE="Off" CHECKED> Off</td>
<tr ALIGN="center">
<td><input TYPE="submit" VALUE="Apply" NAME="Apply"></td></tr></table></form>
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/JavaScript">
var num=4;


Now the problem if i start the tiddler from remote computer 50 km away then he add to my webinterface adresse this /tgi/iocontrol.tgi
beacause if i am local logged in at the webinterface then after press the Apply button the Aktion send the button settings to the local ip adresse and there it works

I read at the manual that the IP power switch also can be controlled with commands. This is also a cool method to control it, but i dont know how i can the commands with the buttons and the Apply button. Maybe i need for this functions an direct ip access from outside like dyn. At the moment the IP power is only internal network (so it is not so easy to hack it) but on the other side i can not reboot the PC who controll the ip switch if he hang. So in future the ip switch (he can also handle dyn updater) will hang in internet.

So i only need the same cool buttons ( maybe above the buttons a field for "Loginname" and "password" ) like the tiddler above and at press Apply he should send. Maybe someone who can programm HTML or Javacript has an idea.

Thank you

Josef Huber

HTTP Commands for the IP 9258 power switch
Http commands allow you to control the device with commands. The basic
commands are provided below.
There are two ways to input http commands with authorization required
Password in http:

for Browser IE 7.0 or below
Password not in http: for Browser IE 7.0 and higher
Note: If you use the password not in http: command you will need to enter it
when the browser asks for the password.
Set Power
The Set Power command allows you to control the devices on/off through the http
commands. With this command you can integrate can integrate the 9258xx

with any other system.

Command format:

Outlet Power On Power Off

Output 1 61 = 1 61 = 0

Output 2 62= 1 62= 0

Output 3 63= 1 63= 0

Output 4 64= 1 64= 0


Output61=1 p62=0 p63=1 p64=1

Example . For Single Port Control Off