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    Hi Ron-

    Are you using ACP, or ACP Expert (ACP with Scheduler)? If you look at the thread above, you'll see the difference in the way they work. I'm not sure if there is a way to override ACP's selection of a nearby star, so will defer to Bob Denny on that question.

    In the thread above I wrote:

    ACP and Scheduler offer two different ways to autofocus, and you can take your choice:

    1) Within ACP, if you focus for each object, it will do an autofocus star search within 15 degrees of the object, but typically will be much closer. So in that case, you can set the Scheduler periodic autofocus to 0 hours (which will turn it off), and you can focus per object. That is, when you enter your Projects into Scheduler, check the "Autofocus" box.

    2) Within Scheduler, you can set the periodic autofocus. I have mine set to two hours. (Scheduler, Configure menu). In that case, you want autofocus unchecked in your individual Scheduler projects. When Scheduler autofocuses, it does three things of note: 1) it focuses at high altitude, typically 70-80 degrees. 2) It focuses at T=0, and then periodically according to your setting. (T=0 when I startup, and every two hours thereafter, in my case.) 3) If the first autofocus fails, it will go back to the previous focus position, image your first object, then attempt another autofocus even if T < 2 hours.

    I've tested it both ways, and I can tell you it works MUCH better for me using Scheduler's periodic autofocus rather than ACP's nearby focus. The reason is that focusing at high altitude is much more reliable. If you're shooting something at Altitude = 20, the autofocus is less reliable as you focus through the greater air mass. So I use the Scheduler periodic autofocus, and leave the autofocus boxes unchecked in my Scheduler projects.

    Other people might have different strategies.


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    I just started using ACP expert and tried to use FocusOffets script. It focuses the reference filter (clear), but fails to focus Ha with error message "Star too dim". The reason ACP considers star too dim is that it is out of focus (offset between clear and Ha is 4000 in FLI and it appears to much to refocus when switching from clear to Ha).
    Any way to override such gap?



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    This is quite normal in one's first try with dense filters. Now you'll need to edit your FilterInfo.txt file to get brighter stars when autofocusing H-alpha.

    For a very clear example of how to do this, look for ACP's help page "Extended Filter Support". That page's section "Setting Up Focus Offsets the Easy Way" shows how you can customize your configuration file "FilterInfo.txt" so that H-alpha and other dense filters use a brighter star. That worked for me.

    New Mexico Mira Project, Albuquerque NM



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