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    Default Taking Pretty pictures with ACP Scheduler

    I thought I would post this for people trying scheduler that want to do pretty pictures like me. What I do is use the Astro Imaging menu seen under scheduled group on the left side of the ACP web interface. (see attached). The project name in the object, in this case B33. Each plan in the project is the filter I am using. When the project is created, it shows up on the scheduler browser page where the object is the project, plans are filters, and observations are each time block for that filter. I use 30 minute time blocks for under 15 minute exposures and 45 min time blocks for 20 minute exposures. Generally I try to get 2 or 3 exposure in each block.

    I have been using ACP since May 2104 and Scheduler since late August. As you can see in the scheduler image attached, I have loaded it very well and now have quite a few finished or near finished objects. One thing I like about scheduler is when someone shows you an image; you say hey I need to take that one too. I just log into ACP with my phone, add the object and poof, it shows up in a few days depending on the priority I give it. It is a new and really fun way to do imaging. I look at my ACP web page every night and watch it run but when I am working at night then I just know it is doing what it does and I see the results the next morning in my drop box account. I have been in this over 40 years now and this is the icing on the cake for sure.
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    Dean Salman
    Deep Sky Remote Observatory



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