today i tried out ACP Planner. Everything is fine until the script tries to cool down the cam. It really cooles down but when the temperature is riched it waits...and waits..and waits.

Logging to C:\Users\Public\Documents\ACP Web Data\Doc Root\logs\Administrator\20141204\20141204@134738.l og
Custom image file path/names are in use
Initializing AcquireSupport V7.2.5
Weather safe, server is AAG_ACPWeatherFeed (v7.20)
Telescope is ACP->AstroPhysicsV2, driver V2
Dome is LesveDomeNet Dome driver
and must not close unless scope is parked
MaxIm DL is version 6,07
Imager is SBIG Universal
Imager readout modes:
0 is Raw
Guider is ASCOM(External Guide Scope)
Guider plate scale unknown, guided dither with guider pixels
Max unguided exposure 30 sec.
(assuring that FocusMax is running now...)
Calculated unbinned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 0,67 V = 0,67
Calculated field of view (arcmin): H = 37,6 V = 28,4
All-sky plate solving will be attempted when needed
This is AcquireImages V7.2.1
Hardware pier side reporting is available.
Compiling plan...
(using ACP Plan Compiler V6.0.2)
...plan OK!
This plan has 1 live target(s), 1 images
There are 2,0 min. of actual imaging time
Image file set-numbers start with 1
Periodic auto focus every 45 min.
(includes a plan-start auto focus)
Starting run for plan Test M76f.txt...
Autofocus will be done every 45 min.
==== Open the shutter ====
; --------------------------------------------
; This plan was generated by ACP Planner 4.2.6
; --------------------------------------------
; For: Horst
; Targets: 1
; Start Imaging: 14:50:00 (local)
; Total Time: 00:06:00
; Autofocus at start of run.
; Autofocus every 45 minutes.
; ---------------------------------------------
(wait until 13:49:00 UTC)
(wait finished)
Opening shutter
Shutter now open.
==== Chill imager to temp ====
(wait until 13:50:00 UTC)
(wait finished)
Turning on imager cooler
Setting imager cooler to -20,0 deg. C (+/- )
(temp is 7 deg. C)
(temp is -24 deg. C)
(temp is -24 deg. C)
(temp is -22 deg. C)
(temp is -20 deg. C)
(temp is -21 deg. C)
(temp is -20 deg. C)
(temp is -21 deg. C)
(temp is -21 deg. C)

anybody an idea about that?

best regards Sascha