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    Default Problems with Autoflat Script


    i am a ACP Newbie but i am really happy with it . Today i tried to do some autoflats. I followed the help an did my configurations. After running the script the following lines apear:

    Initializing AcquireSupport V7.2.5
    Telescope is ACP->AstroPhysicsV2, driver V2
    Dome is LesveDomeNet Dome driver
    and must not close unless scope is parked
    MaxIm DL is version 6,07
    Imager is SBIG Universal
    Imager readout modes:
    0 is Raw
    Guider is ASCOM(External Guide Scope)
    Guider plate scale unknown, guided dither with guider pixels
    Max unguided exposure 30 sec.
    (assuring that FocusMax is running now...)
    Calculated unbinned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 0,67 V = 0,67
    Calculated field of view (arcmin): H = 37,6 V = 28,4
    All-sky plate solving will be attempted when needed

    After that i get the report that everything runs successfully, but it is definitly not. The script jumps to its end without doing anything and without error message. I am not sure where i should start with my search.
    Please let me know if any additional informations are requiered.

    best regards Sascha
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