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Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but the way to "sort it out" is to avoid running in Admin mode.

With regard to this http://lunatico.es/aagcw/Windows_7_Installation.pdf I desperately need to contact them. DCOM is unrelated to ACP (and ASCOM) completely. It used to be an issue with TheSky 6 for Telescopes, but that's all. Also, running it routinely as Admin is not right. I'm going to guess that the DCOM stuff came from old ASCOM lore for TheSky 6, and I'm going to guess that you can now remove the Admin mode from the cloud watcher program. Try it. Some programs with low-grade installers (that do not know how to register COM interfaces) cannot register their COM interfaces unless elevated. Running the program once to allow it to self-register is usually enough.
I've just been through removing admin from everything, including the Cloudwatcher which of course now I realise was the start of the elevation spiral!. Yes it all seems to work now without needing admin rights. So from what you've said I can also ignore those instructions for DCOM completely then, as well as the admin settings?

I've been mulling over trying ACP for the past year & I must say I'm really enjoying exploring it. I'm being methodical & actually taking your advice & following your recommended learning route. Unusual for me to be so restrained. Even though I do feel I could jump in fairly confidently, I felt I didn't want to miss out on anything. You've certainly put a lot of effort into this and making it as easy as possible to get started. It is a very impressive learning experience.

I'm pretty much set up now after just a few days/nights since the weekend. I still need to sort some guiding issues out but I'm going to install & explore the scheduler next I think