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    Default ACP & missing(deprecated) agentctl on shutdown plus AAG_CW setup observation

    Hi Folks
    Finally decided to try out ACP after too many long nights with no sleep

    I've noticed I get a missing windows component agentctl.dll warning every time I shut down ACP. This seems to be the old windows helper agent. I'm running Win Pro 64bit & it was deprecated in Win 7. I see there's a hotfix Now, should I really need to apply this or is there a setting in the way ACP runs I need to set?

    Another observation that may help someone else, (apologies if this has been mentioned before, my search here & Google didn't help) I have an AAG_Cloudwatcher. After going through the setup from AAG (permissions, admin settings etc.) & looking at threads here, I still had an incorrect ID error. I resolved this by running ACP as administrator. I was then able to connect. I hadn't seen this mentioned in any of the threads I found so thought I should add it here.

    [edit by Bob Denny: Please do not run ACP routinely as Administrator. We can solve the AAG problem, but not that way.]

    Cheers Graham
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