I had another shutdown failure, which included multiple times when DDWCP incorrectly reported the state of the dome. Please see the sequence below:

1) 6:00 a.m. ACPS attempts shutdown. Log states:
Observatory shutdown
Weather disconnected
Start ACP Sequencer's Shutdown Script
Sequencer is Now Active
2) I wake up at 7:00 a.m. ACP Log Window says "Closing Dome"
3) The Dome is open and not home
4) No other shutdown tasks have begun. Everything connected. Telescope Tracking is OFF (that's good)
5) Aborted ACP at 7:05 a.m., Closed ACP
6) Scheduler went dead
7) 2 Emails sent. Fatal Error, Shutdown Failure
8) The actual dome state at this point is the dome is not home and is wide open. Fortunately weather is clear
9) Opened DDWCP. Dome state is reported as Closed (wrong), Not home (correct)
10) Tried GOTO command clockwise. Dome wouldn't respond
11) Tried GOTO command counter-clockwise. Dome responded.
12) Sent command to go home. Dome went home
13) When it got home, the actual dome state was home, shutter still open
14) But DDWCP reported Dome is Home (correct), Shutter Closed (wrong)
15) Command to close was grayed out.
16) Sent command to open shutter.
17) Dome realized shutter was open, which changed shutter state from Closed to Open, and the command to close dome was no longer grayed out

Tim, this continues to be a big problem for me. The dome had been working up until this point, so all images came out OK. But I'm unable to operate the observatory if rain or wind is forecast. I can trust the dome to open/close as clouds pass through. But it's not safe to operate the observatory if there is a risk that the dome won't close or shutdown properly if there's rain.