This is just weird.

running latest version of FocusMax (3.8xxx), with Robofocus. Using MaxImDL and SkyX.....though I don't think those two have anything to do with this.

FM runs just fine, it will autoconnect when I launch from desktop icon, it will stay connected, I can focus with it all night.

When I try to get ACP to use it I get errors in ACP and I've tracked it down to FM being disconnected from focuser. When I hit 'connect' it simply will not connect....I have to close FM, relaunch it, and it connects right up.

Here's an example..

06:15:03 Position = 505 Temp = -999.0
06:15:03 NOVAS-COM Vector Astrometry Engine is connected
06:15:35 RoboFocus.Focuser.1 Error -2147352567
06:15:35 Err.Description: Link fail
06:15:35 modFocuser Function GetFocuserPosition
06:15:35 ASCOM Focuser: Could not open port //./COM5
06:15:35 Focuser RoboFocus is not connected
06:15:35 Aborting - move will exceed focuser limits

I notice that the Temp shows -999.0 I don't know why and I don't know how to change that.

The error -2147352567 is odd...I've posted on FM group about that.

I don't know why the port is referenced the way it is....//./COM5 That's the correct COM port, but the backslashes surprise me.

Once I get this error (produced from FocusOffsets.vbs, I cannot reconnect FM to focuser, I have to shut it down and restart

Any ideas??