Hi Bob,

I'm Dimitris, member of Qatar Exoplanet Survey. I'm in charge for the new software in all stations (as you know we are planning to use ACP - by the way, it is a very nice work of you guys, well done !! ) and I would like to ask you if there are any ready routines in ACP for Moon (or/and Sun) coordinates for a specific time (like the Julian date for example) ? I won't use Sky6 or other planetarium software just ACP VB/Python scripts and Maxim. Did you include these features in ACP/scripts, or do I have to calculate the Keplerian equations for Moon from scratch ?

And maybe another question. If my PC boots and startup ACP automatically, is there any way to start a script (automatically too) and establish the all links with the telescope/mount/weather etc ? In other words can I run a ACP script automatically by just pressing the power ON button in my computer ?

Many thanks

Continue the nice work and we will keep in touch for many months I think :-)


Dimitris Mislis