We're humming along quite nicely now, but I'd like our pointing to be a little more accurate. The Paramount and Tpoint usually do a fine job, but we're still not quite at the level of accuracy we'd like. From last night's logs:

02:48:42 Image finished
02:49:03 Plate-solve final image
02:49:07 3370 image stars found
02:49:08 526 catalog stars found
02:49:10 Solved! 144 stars matched.
02:49:10 Average residual is 0.26 arcsec.
02:49:10 Pointing error is 3.279 arcmin @ angle 90.51
02:49:10 True focal length is 2965.9 mm.
02:49:10 True binned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 0.63 V = 0.63
02:49:10 True image center (J2000): 23h 09m 16.9s 18 10' 21.10"
02:49:10 Imager sky position angle is 272.2 deg.
02:49:10 Rotator mech. position angle is 179.8 deg.
02:49:10 Image FWHM is 3.0 arcsec (4.74 pixels)
02:49:10 (avg FWHM = 2.73 arcsec)
02:49:10 Within max error tolerance, no recenter needed

Is there a way to decrease the 'max error tolerance' so that we can get it to re-center if greater than a configured pointing error? From what I can tell from the aquireimages script, is this the 'max slew w/o pointing update' setting on the Pinpoint $ All-sky tab?

Also, is there a way to get ACP to check this after it re-slews back from Focusmax Aquireimages? It seems to only check after the exposure, not before.

Thanks again,