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    Default ACP and Scheduler make imaging many objects a breeze

    I have 41 years of photography under my belt and I have seen many changes. CCD imaging was fun but working remote which I started in 2005 was even that much better. The software I was using needed to be set up each night and when something went wrong the telescope could track in the pier. So there was management each day and even then you never knew what to expect.

    That all changed with ACP and Scheduler. This is the first application I have used that not already has everything you can think of to get the most successful images but it can be customized so you can set the web page any way you want. ACP alone is a great product but it because gold when Scheduler is added in. I am working on a project and not have Scheduler managing over 30 objects each having about 12 hours of image time. Each morning a see a till bit of everything because I set tight restrictions when the object is in the best place to collect images. Itís fun being the boss of my scheduler telling it what I want and letting it decide when to do it.

    On top of all that the ACP support from Bob and others on the forum is the best I have even seen in the 40 years of photography. Today below is my customized screen just to prove how you can make it work for your needs. I would have to say that ACP, Scheduler, and the support is the best combination on the planet.
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