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    Hi Bob,

    Thanks again for your previous help on this matter. We're very close, but something still isn't quite right. Here's what we tried last night (logs attached). As a reminder, this is a paramount with a RC rotator, apogee camera with an off-axis guide camera. Guiding via relays.

    With scope in the East, did a single-image with PA at 0, stopped the exposure, and then re-calibrated MaxIM, just to confirm that the guider angle is in fact 178 (per the help file). Made sure ACP had this value in its settings. Tested a guided exposure in MaxIM, worked fine.

    Then told ACP to take a single image of the same object. guiding worked great, and the image came out just fine.

    Then told ACP to take a single image of an object in the West with a different PA. Guiding went quickly off-chip.

    Attached the two ACP logs from the run along with the tracking log from MaxIM and the ACP config.

    Any ideas? I feel like we've almost got it!

    Thanks much,
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