Hi Bob,

May be this topic is not good for some my issues but i post them here.

A few days ago i repaired my mount and started using my astrosetup. During the easy-to-work were released ACP v7.2a, MaximDL v6.06 and FM v4.1.0.7. Yesterday i decided to create a new FilterInfo file and was testing work ACP v7.2a with FM v4.1.0.7. I found two issues:

1. When "SendLog to ACP"is enabled i was getting very often errors from ACP and ACP stopped focusing script with error. When i disabled this feature i have never gotten errors more from ACP. (may be it needs to be somebody checks too).
2. Very often when i stopped ACP focusing script manually (i looked for good setting for every filters) ACP didn't stop FM and FM continued processing focus. I had to stop FM manually. I suppose it is not well.