I have noticed that dithering is not working, or not working consistently, recently. It seems to only happen when using my narrowband filters, though why that would matter is beyond me. Here is what I am seeing.

Imaging to SH132_HA-S001-R001-Ha-E
(taking 1800 sec. exposure, Ha filter, binning = 1)
(dithering 7.0 pixels std-dev on guider)
(guided dither - moving guide star dx=-6.7 dy=-1.5 guider pixels
(ex=0.01 ey=0.04)
(guided dither, 1 good cycles)
(ex=0.25 ey=0.07)
(guided dither, 2 good cycles)
(ex=0.14 ey=0.24)
(guided dither, 3 good cycles)
(ex=0.18 ey=0.17)
(guided dither, 4 good cycles)
(ex=0.16 ey=0.11)
(guided dither, 5 good cycles)
(guider check OK)
(starting exposure)

It says it is dithering, then does nothing. Any ideas?