I am using a takometer on a TOA 150, with SkyX on a Paramount MX.

I'm just trying to get things up and going with a new set up. Mount, scope, rotator are all new.

In watching where the rotator is positioned during image capture and then later during autoflats....using a flip-flat (new too!!)....there seems to be a difference. It is not always the same difference, but seems to be off by 10-20 degrees sometimes. I know the rotator is doing an east and west version of flats....I understand that....I think. I'm seeing something different I think....not a 180 degree off rotation. When I look at camera orientation relative to focus knobs during image capture, it is not the same as when doing flats sometimes.....often it is, but sometimes it is clearly different.

How do I 'calibrate' the rotator??

Appreciate all suggestions and knowledge passed my way!!!