Hi Bob,

I downloaded and installed the latest MaximDL version (6.0.5) last night and ACP is now reporting an Invalid Reference Filter error whenever I try to run a plan. Reverting back to MaximDL 5.24 fixed the problem... I also was not getting the error with MaximDL 6.0.4. Do I need to report this problem to Doug or is this something for you?

A copy of the ACP log output is as follows:

ACP console log opened 28-Aug-2014 22:00:59 UTC
This is ACP version 7.2 (build 2, V7.2 Production Release Aug 2014)
Licensed to Lawrence Van Vleet
22:00:59 Logging to C:\Users\larry\Documents\ACP Astronomy\Logs\20140828\20140828@220059.log
22:00:59 Custom image file path/names are in use
22:00:59 Folders: $DEFPATH\$DATENITE
22:01:00 Initializing AcquireSupport V7.2.3
22:01:00 Weather safe, server is M1Watcher Server
22:01:00 Telescope is ACP->A200, driver V2
22:01:00 Dome is m1 OASYS Observatory Automation
22:01:00 and must not close unless scope is parked
22:01:00 MaxIm DL is version 6.05
22:01:00 Imager is SBIG Universal
22:01:00 There was a problem initializing the support library:
22:01:00 Pointing/Focus Reference filter is invalid. Check ACP Imaging preferences
ACP console log closed 28-Aug-2014 22:01:00 UTC