There is something weird going on with my connection to the telescope. In my start up script it seems like there is a 50/50 chance of a reliable connection to the telescope. The following is the code used in the startup script to perform the action.
     try {
        if(!Telescope.Connected) {
            Console.PrintLine("Connect ACP to the telescope, will auto-home if needed");
            Telescope.Connected = true;      // (Requires driver "home on connect")
            Console.PrintLine("Telescope connection OK");
            Telescope.Tracking = false;      // execute even if dome is closed
            Console.PrintLine("Telescope tracking is turned OFF");
        } else {
            Console.PrintLine("Telescope already connected");
    } catch(ex) {
        Console.PrintLine("**Failed to connect to the Telescope:");
        Console.PrintLine("  "+ ex.message + "  " + ex);
        Console.PrintLine("  " + ex.description);
        Console.Logging = false;
    Util.WaitForMilliseconds(3000);  //wait 3 seconds for driver to stabilize
Now here is what shows up in the log.
Wait 30 seconds for USB registrations
Connect ACP to the telescope, will auto-home if needed
Telescope connection OK
**Failed to connect to the Telescope:
The telescope is not connected. [object Error]
The telescope is not connected.

Now here is the very strange thing when it does not connect to the telescope, the start up script can run time after time and not connect. But all a person has to do is go to the dashboard or the web system status page and use the telescope connect button an it connects to the telescope everytime. As soon as I do that I can use the start up and shutdown repeatedly right away without any issue.

I don't understand what or where to look next.