My sweet spot for my focuser is right around 10,000 on Focusmax. I had the focus start point in Focusmax settings around 9700. I've found that if autofocus fails for whatever reason, usually clouds, it would revert back to 9700. This would turn out to be a problem later in ACP on the next evening when the focuser was at 9700 and in very poor focus. This would cause a failed plate solve and then a failed autofocus due to not being on the proper focus star.

I went into settings in Focusmax and changed my start point at 10,000 and saved the profile. I also went into filterstate.txt in ACP Config and changed the 9700 to 10,000. My question is since I saved the starting Focusmax start point at 10,000 if it fails an autofocus will it always revert the focuser to 10,000 now? If it's at that point my plate solves should be ok down the road on the next night I do a run. With it in poor focus to start it puts things in a loop where it fails a plate solve and then autofocus, etc. By leaving the starting point at 10,000 in Focusmax should it fail it should default to that point and will ACP load that starting point for the focuser if it's the last focuser position at the start of a plan on the next night? I guess if autofocus is successful all night then it should be in a good focus point on the next night.


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