Hi guys,

after a while working with a proprietary software from ASA to collect images automatically, I had to step back as it has too many bugs to live with easily.
However, there is one feature that is great, they call it the local Pointingmodel. It is basically a plan executed autonomously, where the scope gets a few pointing images along the path the real target will make during the night over the sky, and creates an according correction. It works great, I was able to get 20 min subs unguided at 3500mm focal... And now I wonder if I could somehow use this from ACP.
What I need is: Just before ACP starts to aquire images (that is, the target is already centered and focused) I would have to call a console application, optionally with a parameter of the total lenght of the exposures. Is this doable with UserActions? I found one action which seems to be called as soon as a plan starts, but this might be too early...