I know planner is really just used to get started, but is it simple to add two options.

Start time and end time of run. So here's why. I have someone interested in acp but they live +1 time zone and the telescope is - 7. So they start the run at 1pm mst. So a start time would be 90 min after sunset and and quit time 90 min before sunrise

So if the run could wait until that time using wait until that would be great. Now the other end, quit at can be used when dawn approaches. . It's easy to just add them but if they were on the planner main screen that would be awesome since a new plan would always have to be updated

I have all code for solar system status since my Web site does just that. But I don't know how too add it plus it is all in Java and c# anyway.

Anyway just a suggestion if it's easy to add.

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