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    Default My First ACP run

    I started my first monitor run tonight at my remote observatory here from Texas Star Party.

    Not sure how to attach a log but this one is short, see below. My plan was to refocus every 40 min but I think that failed, so I set up he run to take every 4 images changing filters

    I have used other programs for automation, this one is fast. I will tell you anyone new to ACP needs to use the simulator, I learned a ton doing that. Everything is working, using aquire star on every filter change and guiding great. waiting for the pier flip now.

    here is my log that has a errro, I am not sure wht this means at the end

    ACP console log opened 30-May-2014 04:59:30 UTC
    This is ACP version 7.2 (build 1, In-progress not released)
    Unlicensed copy - 30 day demo mode
    Licensed to
    04:59:30 Logging to D:\ACP\Logs\20140529\ngc 6045.txt-20140530@045930.log
    04:59:30 Custom image file path/names are in use
    04:59:30 Folders: $DEFPATH\$DATENITE
    04:59:30 Custom calibration file path/names are in use
    04:59:30 Folders: $DEFPATH\$DATENITE\Calibration
    04:59:31 Initializing AcquireSupport V7.1.4
    04:59:31 Telescope is ACP->RC 19, driver V2
    04:59:31 MaxIm DL/CCD is version 5.24
    04:59:31 Imager is QSI Universal
    04:59:31 Imager readout modes:
    04:59:31 0 is Image Quality
    04:59:31 Guider is SX Universal(External Guide Scope)
    04:59:31 Guider plate scale unknown, guided dither with guider pixels
    04:59:31 Max unguided exposure 30 sec.
    04:59:31 Calculated unbinned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 0.55 V = 0.55
    04:59:31 Calculated field of view (arcmin): H = 30.3 V = 22.8
    04:59:31 Restoring filter and focus position from previous ACP run at 20140530@042203 UTC
    04:59:31 IR filter and focus pos 1207
    04:59:37 All-sky plate solving will be attempted when needed
    04:59:37 This is AcquireImages V7.1.1
    04:59:37 Hardware pier side reporting is available.
    04:59:37 Compiling plan...
    04:59:37 (using ACP Plan Compiler V7.1.1)
    04:59:37 Error at line 15: #afinterval given but adaptive autofocus is in effect.
    04:59:37 (15) -> #afinterval 40
    04:59:37 Total errors 1
    04:59:37 Run ending due to plan errors
    ACP console log closed 30-May-2014 04:59:37 UTC
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