Saw that in the getting start, good ideal. Great way to start getting the software down before the real world

So I am still having one concern. When guiding fails, the image is taken anyway. If I have more than one target in the list, why can't ACP go to the next target if it is nearby. So is it possible for ACP to move to the next target.

You are going to say it should guide, well that does not always happen. One case is on a flip when the fov rotate 180. So there may be no guide star in the FOV. I dont have a rotator and I am not going to get one.

This is a serious issue with me so I need to see how to get around it. I would say 95 percent of the time there will be a guide star, but I want 100 percent time at night. I usually do what airlines do, over book. So I set up more objects than there is time to shoot and when dawn comes, the software stops and shut downs. I assume ACP does something like that.

Love ACP so far, so I want it to work. But I don't want to wake to 4 hours of star trails because guide star was not there.