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    Default Getting started with PinPoint

    I'm having a problem setting up PinPoint for the first time. With ACP newly loaded on a 64 bit Windows 7 laptop, following the user guide "getting started" protocol, all was going well till step #7. After successfully performing a PinPoint Astrometry in Maxim (matched 329 of 456 and 987 catalog stars), saving it as "test1" (wasn't exactly sure how to set the path, so I punted) then clicked the arrow (step 5 of step 7) and the following error displayed:

    "An error has occurred in the script on this page
    Line 38
    Char 4
    Failed to open image for read access
    Name of file to open is blank (ffopen)
    Code 0. "
    I thought there must be a problem with the image path or name, because initially my system would not allow me to save it directly to the C-drive, so I created a sub folder under documents >ACP> "my setup images" and then navigated to the image. This didn't work. I then copied and pasted the image from documents directly to the C- drive and clicked the "step 5" arrow again. This time "test1" was in in the "C drive" window and required no navigation but, again, same error. I repeated with a 120 sec unguided exposure, and still could not get past the error.
    Telescope info: FSQ 106 wth extender Q(fl850mm), Camera QSI 685, Filter Lum., no binning. Site, Metropolitan area
    Thanks for any suggestions.
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