So my plan is to create a run which does the following for each object.

This series will be repeated for each filter

1. Move to a focus star high over head if I can get aquire star in FocusMax working
2. Plate solve
3. Focus for a selected filter
4. Move to object
5. plate solve
6. take 30 second with a filter

Next pick a object and see how the flip is down and be sure everything continues in west

At the end it needs to park the mount and trun off the cooler in the camera

Question 1

1. Guiding sometimes does not work because guide star too weak. Mainly because I pick a target not up yet I have not tried. So if this is object 3 of 4, does ACP go to the next object

2. I often start late when summer sky up, is there a wait until time to start a run, in which the scope is parked

3. I dont want to image a object if plate solve fails, does ACP move to the next target

4. What happens when a target is not risen, this would happen when item 1 or 3 fails

5. If item 2 is not possible with the scheduer do this for me

Can you email me cost, since I have pinpoint 6 now and how to order software when ready, if all the above works you have a new ACP customer. June is my test month during moon days