Hi Bob,

Set up questions:

1. Equipment:
Paramount MX
Planewave 12.5 and PWI3
QSI 640WSG (filter wheel)
PYXIS 2in field rotor
Lodestar auto-guider camera OAG from QSI Camera
No dome or weather devices.

2. Software:
The SKYX pro
Focus Max
PWI3 control software

I can separately get all the above programs working. I can do plate solves, focus, and rotor control.

I have tried another product (CCDWare) and I continue to have problems, so I am considering ACP to resolve the problems and for complete remote control. I have spent many nights trying various combinations of ASCOM and related setup choices. My greatest frustration is the correct setting for the system to work together.

Specific setup questions

How do I link all the software together including what ASCOM and related set up choices do I need to make to get this to work? In CCDAutopolit I pull my hair out!

Should I connect the MaxIm DL Observatory choices and what should the choices be for 1.Telescope? 2. Focuser? 3. Rotator?
Should I setup Focus Max with Focuser connect direct to PWI3 or through a HUB? Connect Telescope to "The SKY controlled Telescope" or through a hub?
How do I set up the Pyxis rotor for correct guide star finding?

I have viewed your videos and read the guide. Based on my hardware what is the best way to verify I have the correct set up? All ASCOM drivers and other drivers are up to date and all work by themselves.

I am running out of time to evaluate ACP as I will be in Alaska for 2 week in early June. I was hoping to have this licked before I leave.

Sorry, I am a hardware engineer but not a software or systems engineer.

Leo Heiland

Sun Lakes, AZ