Hi Bob et. al.,
Thank you for giving me quick access to the complete USNO A2.0 dataset via your own ftp area. I downloaded the files, unzipped them and put them in my observatory root directory. However, there is one small issue that you should know:
* As assembled, when unzipped, all of the associated CAT files are erroneously placed in SEPARATE
folders, with the SAME NAME. This makes for a tedious renaming, copying action because, in order for
ACP to properly reference the catalog, all files (the CAT and ACC extensions) must be installed FLAT, i.e.
in the same main directory.
* Re-zip all of the CAT files so that they are individually zipped, instead of in their individual folders.

I could not get ACP to recognize the catalog until I did the following:
1. Renamed the folders (1 level down in the main directory) to ZONEXXXX.Catb.
2. Go into the CATb folder and copy the ZONEXXXX.CAT file one level up (this puts it next to its ACC file).
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for all 24 unzipped directories (ZONE0000.CAT thru ZONE1725.CAT).

Hope this feedback helps you or others as a reference. BTW, the change from GSC1.1 to USNO A2.0 Pinpoint references yielded 100% success when plate solving my 15x12 arc minute fields.

Best Regards,
James Cottle
Fiddletown, CA