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    Default Scheduler flats not behaving as as expected

    We've made significant progress and have imaged 3 nights with Scheduler. Flats acquisition is still a bit of a mystery given that the dawn flats have not behaved as expected. Scheduler has taken only the Ha and O3 flats that are listed in the ScehdulerDawnFlats plan (I've yet to run Dusk flats). Here's the plan (stored in the plans folder):

    ; Format = #, Filter, Bin, Rotation
    3, B, 1, 270
    3, G, 1, 270
    3, R, 1, 270
    3, L, 1, 270
    3, H, 1, 0
    3, O, 2, 0

    I expected Scheduler to start with B and work its way through the order until it completed or ran out of time. On each of 3 imaging runs it has produced just the H and O3 flats. AutoFlatConfig.txt is set up and is stored in the ACP\Config folder. The attached shows the flats taken last night, the locations and content of the files involved (i.e., AutoFlatConfig, SchedulerDawnFlats, ScheulerDuskFlats). There are quite a few text files to set up. Perhaps I missed one?

    What would make Scheduler skip filters B through L? Is something wrong with my AutoflatConfig? Or with the Dusk or Dawn flat plans?

    The rest of this discusses observations that may or may not be pertinent to the above questions:

    I also noticed the date/time stamps show the O3 began first followed by H even though there are in the opposite order in the flat plan.

    I also noticed a small detail: the filter name that is part of the file name has a lower case "o" instead of "O"--the filter is named "O" (uppercase). This may not matter, but these days I look at every detail--this could indicate it's looking at the wrong flat plan.

    Also of note is the direction in which the flats were taken. I assumed the mount would follow the solar null at dawn (and even dither?), but going by the time order 2 flats were taken in the East, then 4 in the West, the 2 more in the East. I again assume this is normal and that Scheduler was trying to attain the specified ADU; however, it seems to me that the proper point in the sky would always move towards the west away from the rising sun unless the filter density called for more light. In my case there were 2 H flats taken in the West and then 2 in the East. This is explainable but unexpected.

    Thanks, Lloyd
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