Lloyd, I am sorry I didn't communicate this clearly enough before.

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The M1 Oasys is a weather source, and only needs to be connected to ACPs weather input. Scheduler gets its weather safe/unsafe info from ACP. You are right to disable the sky condition simulator in Scheduler, it is there for testing purposes. The sky condition input is not the same as weather safe/unsafe.
If Scheduler is dispatching, it is receiving weather "safe" from ACP (which is receiving "safe" from your weather system which is connected to ACP). "Cloudy" doesn't necessarily translate to "unsafe", that is a function of how you set up the conditions for what "safe" vs "unsafe" is. ACP acts only on the safe/unsafe input from its attached weather server, and it passes that safe/unsafe on to Scheduler.

The crash you reported is due to you telling the Scheduler that you have a sky condition server (not the same as a weather server) and the Scheduler trying to call sky condition server functions that aren't there because it's not a sky condition server.

If this is still confusing, please feel free to call 480 396 9700 and I'll try to clarify it on the phone.