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    Default Plate solving issues

    I believe I've set the image scale parameters correctly for plate solving and have been able to solve plates with TSX and with All-Sky in Visual Pinpoint. However, during automate runs the plates never solve. There was similar behavior with Acquirestar which I eventually disabled.

    Plate-solve pointing image.
    386 image stars found
    274 catalog stars found
    ** No matching stars found. Check your estimated center-point RA/Dec, and your image scaling and quality.
    Start slew to offset...

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    Can you not solve without all-sky? In other words, did you have to turn on all-sky? And was all-sky turned on in TheSky X? If yes, then your pointing is too far off for a local solution. Without seeing your entire log, I wonder why ACP is not doing all-sky automatically (for pointing issues).

    If this is a repeatable problem and the above is not the problem, then find one or two pointing images in My Documents\ACP Astronomy\Images\PointingExps and put them into this Google Drive cloud folder

    then let me know so I can look at them.
    -- Bob



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