The basic topic – delay between exposures – wasopened by Michael Miller on Nov 2, 2013. I'd like to put in afeature request for Planner to do what Michael described, but for adifferent reason than RBI.

I'd like to be able to set up plans to take two orthree asteroid images in a row, but with a couple of minute delaybetween exposures to 1) make it easier to spot the asteroid whileblinking and 2) to have a couple of chances for the asteroid to beclear of background stars.

So – the feature request is to add“Delay” to the Filter, Num, Sec, and Bin columns in the Plannerwindow. The delay would be invoked only after the first exposure of aseries. Delay would be ignored if “Num” = 1.

A user action might work, if I know howto do that, but it's desirable for the delay to be settable for eachtarget to allow for fast or slow movers.

I did set up a plan that had multipleentries for the same target and edited the minute values in TheSky'sData/Time window to add the delay. That does work, but would indeedbe a tad laborious after a few targets.

In the Miller thread, Dick Berg suggested Maxim “exposuredelay” might provide this sort of function, but I tried it and itdidn't work. What I tried was to set up ACP and Maxim in a simulatorconfiguration. I set up the Maxim exposure delay for 60 sec andACP/Browser/Live Observing/Cal Frames to take a series of 3 darks. The log and the FITs headers of the resulting (simulated) darksshowed that the 60 sec delay was not added between images.

In a couple of days I'll try again witha real camera and use the Planner to take a some real images to seeif that makes any difference. With the winds we're having right now,my observatory roof is staying firmly closed and tied down.

By the way – Planner working withTheSky6 is very slick!

Jim Seargeant