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I've been plagued with an unresolved problem for over a year. The problem is the failure of FocusMax to connect to Maxim with an error code, with the problem being usually resolved by restarting the computer. I've gotten in the habit of restarting my Win7 computer before every automation run, but last Friday was very frustrating when FocusMax failed during the beginning of an automated run (after I had used my ritual of starting the ACP run after a clean restart), and I had to restart the computer twice to get it going (each time shutting down scope, dome, camera, etc. to restart the machine.)

The general thought was that I had a memory problem, so I updated software to insure I didn't have a memory leak and I upgraded my physical memory. I usually am using 2GB of memory with 8GB available (the limit of my computer.) So memory can be ruled out.

So the last suggestion was to update my FocusMax software. I had been using 3.7.xxx (not sure which), but updated last night to Unfortunately I had the same problem. So I restarted my computer twice, and I still couldn't get autofocus to work. Then I simply quit out of FocusMax and restarted the program and it finally worked. Once it started working, FocusMax always works great. I ran V-curves and autofocused with great precision.

So, in a nutshell, I'm getting an error code that seems to be fixed by restarting the computer and/or restarting FocusMax, which is not a memory problem, which makes it very difficult to start an unattended ACP run.

A representative run log is shown below. (They all look the same from last night). I'm wondering if you have other ideas that I can try, or perhaps is there some diagnostic software or other tools that will help troubleshoot the problem?

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21:37:49 Focuser: RoboFocus is connected
21:37:49 Focuser: RoboFocus is an Absolute Focuser
21:37:49 Temp. compensation available = False
21:38:13 ** Beginning Focus Run **
21:38:13 FocusMax Version:
21:38:13 System: NP101 Focuser
21:38:13 Camera: SBIG Universal
21:38:13 LS: -0.163914 RS: 0.163915 PID: 0.11
21:38:13 Min/Max flux setting = 100/1000K
21:38:13 Min/Max exp. setting = 0.10/5.00
21:38:13 Flux target = 316228
21:38:13 Using arithmetic mean
21:38:13 Move direction: In
21:38:13 Filter = Luminance (slot 3)
21:38:13 Current position = 4711
21:38:13 NearFocus HFD: 10
21:38:13 Focus Start HFD: 20
21:38:13 Find star binning = 2x2
21:38:13 Initial exposure = 0.5
21:38:15 FocusMax Error 9: Subscript out of range
Module modComponents Sub GetCCDImage
21:38:15 Halting - error in module getTargetStar
21:38:15 Could not get CCDImage
21:38:15 Can not measure HFD for this image
21:38:15 Moving to previous focus position of 4711