Hi all,
We have a simulated version of our telescope in order to test out various features and functions.
I'm currently attempting to get FocusMax to focus on a simulated star.
I get a 5 stars which are in the shape of the face of a 5 sided dice.
FocusMax selects a star and centers it, however while trying to focus, the star trails off the image and focus max has to expand the frame width to relocate it.
I noticed a simiar issue with our guider scope too, however running the ACP calibration script sorted that out.

I set up focus max as per the simulator instructions in the ACP help pages.
Also, I've removed ACP from the equation and I still get the same issues leading me to think that I've missed a setting either in FocusMax or MaximDL.
Interestingly, when I run a V-Curve I get a nice fixed star which doesn't dance around the image.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,