You were correct. Pinpoint resolved the correct position. The mystery is how the mount could be off by 12.5 minutes. Star is only 12 degs. north. I have ACP set to pinpoint position after any slew over 2.5 degs. I have tolerance set to 1'. All I can figure is this star is in a very dense field of stars such that even with 2.5 degs limit allows large number of images to run without a position check, allowing error to build up. Even this though does not explain why this has suddenly become an issue will all of the last seven or eight images taken over as many nights falling into the same erroneous position, when it use to work fine?

This area is getting low on the western horizon and perhaps a nearby star that was in the slew order has set below a hard limit removing a position check that once existed. I should add that I have a windage issue that has gotten worse this winder. I am about to address it by replacing a large dew shield with a heater and by lowering the mount a bit. Anyway I have reduced the slew limit to 1 degree and will see if that resolves the issue.