I am just starting to get my new ACP-controlled observatory going, and have realized a potential problem. As you (Bob) told me several times when we met in Arizona, it is dangerous to have a roll-off roof and a scope that will get run into by the roof if the scope is not parked. Not much choice with my long refractor, so I build a separate hardware box that senses the roof and mount states independently of the sensors for the computer-based control software.

So if the roof is not fully open, it removes power from the mount, and if the mount is not parked there is no power to the roof motor. This works well (and lets me sleep more soundly), but I am starting to think there will be a problem when I leave ACP running (as I should), and the roof is closed -- there will be no power to the mount, and ACP will be unhappy. Is there any way around this?


- Barry