Hello, I recently downloaded your ACP demo software and am in the process of evaluating. I've gotten everything up and running so far with the exception of my Optec FlipFlat. I've not yet customized the auto flat file for use with the Flip Flat but I'm trying to find a way to get the device to open at the beginning of an imaging session. I'm coming from CCDAP, which has a more straightforward integration. Any help would be appreciated. I have very minimal scripting experience so I'm learning along the way. I've not found much available online other than the following script, from another user on this forum, which returns the following error in ACP:

**Script Error**
ACP Script error: No main() function in script.

Here is the script I'm trying to use:

function FlipFlatOpen()
var tid = Util.ShellExec("C:/program files (x86)/optec/alnitak astrosystems controller/aacmd.exe", "5 o s"); // 5 is com port num
var i;
for(i = 0; i < 20; i++) { // Wait up to 20 sec
if(!Util.IsTaskActive(tid)) break;
Util.WaitForMilliseconds(1000); // Wait 1 sec here
if(i >= 20) // Wait failed?
throw "**failed to exit in 20 sec.";
if(Util.GetTaskExitStatus(tid) !== 0) // Exited with failure status?
throw "**program exited with error status.";
Console.PrintLine("Flip Flat Open...");

Thanks for any help. Other than this issue I'm really liking the software and will likely purchase in the near future.