Hi All,
I suppose I always knew it, but have now seen that an observatory is not a good environment for electronic equipment.
I am having ptoblems with corrosion on my PC's PC boards and UPS. The UPS is being repaired while I will probobably have to replace my PC.
In the meantime I have purchased a dehumidifier and am astounded by the amount of water it sucks from the air.

I have a Macbook Pro with a windows 7 partition running Parallels. And while it only has 2x USB ports, I do have a MOXA usb to 8x RS232 converter.
So with this and a powered USB hub, I suppose I could use the Macbook pro to run my observatory in an emergency.
Anybody doing this successfully? (I have DDW dome, AAG or Boltwood weather, ASA mount, FLI Camera)