Hi all,

Could anyone please help me on this

short NOVAS script. I can convert
Ra-Dec to Az-Elev by the following
lines but after trying several times and
searching for on the forum, I have no clue
on how to do just the contrary: Convert
from Az-Elev to Ra-Dec

Public site As New NOVAS.site
Public position As New NOVAS.star
Public PosVec As New NOVAS.PositionVector

site.Latitude = X
site.Longitude = X
site.height = X
site.temperature = X
site.Pressure = X

position.RightAscension = Ra
position.Declination = Dec
Set PosVec = position.GetTopocentricPosition(JD, site, False)

CoordAz = PosVec.Azimuth
CoordElev = PosVec.Elevation

Thank you very much to all.