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    Great work guys, very similar to the variant I'm using in my weather-display:


    I've been using the chart from USNO together with a .png marker icon fixed at my observatory-location.

    To make this available to the rest of you and also using the map Jeffrey posted, I've made some modifications to the dawndusk.asp.
    It will read your observatory-coordinates from ACP and convert those to equirectangular X/Y coordinates compatible with the map-image, and place a red * symbol on the map along with the observatory name.

    var MapX = (Math.round(-2+((Telescope.SiteLongitude+180)*(720/360))));
    var MapY = (Math.round(20+(((Telescope.SiteLatitude*-1)+90)*(360/180))));
    Response.Write(".marker{position:relative;left:" + MapX + "px;top:" + MapY + "px;z-index:10;border:0px;opacity:1.00;}");
    Response.Write("<div class='marker'><font color=red><b>*</b></font> - " + Prefs.SiteName + "</div>");
    Response.Write("<div class='map'><IMG SRC= border=0></div></html>");    
    Response.Write("//~~Contributed by Dick Berg, author of the [[ACP Reference Guide|]]~~//\n");
    Response.Write("//^^Computational improvements by Robert Wahlstrom, Erik Young, Jeffrey Jongmans and Jonas Grinde^^//");
    Remove the following if you don't want your observatory name on the map next to the marker.
    - " + Prefs.SiteName + "

    Hope this works for the rest of you as well!

    Best Regards
    Jonas Grinde
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