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    That's really nifty! Thanks for sharing that.


    Hi, Jeff,

    I created a separate tiddler for this because I couldn't get the map to show below the table in the Dawn-Dusk Times tiddler.

    Also, note that if you use width="100%" and omit height, the graphic will always adjust to the width of the browser's window. Also, I didn't see that the "<<today...>>" part did anything, so I omitted it, too.

    Thanks again for posting this little gem.

    EDIT #2:

    It is possible to put the graphic below the table (which I think improves the look) by editing the dawndusk.asp script and putting the following lines near the very bottom:

    Response.Write("<html><img width='100%'  src=''></img></html>");
    Response.Write("//~~Contributed by Dick Berg, author of the [[ACP Reference Guide|]]~~//\n");
    Response.Write("//^^Computational improvements by Robert Wahlstrom,  Erik Young, and Jeffrey Jongmans^^//");
    If that URL ever breaks or goes away, that will be a problem to fix then.
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