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    Default Sky Condition for Scheduler from FWHM of images

    Hi guys.

    I implemented SkyServer for ACPS to automatization of sky condition based on FWHM of the latest images. I suppose it's good idea to control sky condition by acquiring images and based on their values of FWHM set up - Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor.

    First, i want to explain the algoritm of SkyServer. I use UserActions.wsc to measure FWHM and save this value to the special log file. UserActions.wsc has some events which we can use to adding our scripts. I use ImageComplete. You can find this script (UserActions.wsc) in attachment with my script for getting FWHM. Everytime after acquiring an image my script measures FWHM by Pinpoint and saves this value with date and name of the image file into the log file. What you need to change in this script:

    1. You should set date (-12h or other) in this script for your location to have one log file during the night. I use date as UTC-12h for using one log file for one night. My location is UTC+3h.
    2. You should specify the path where script will save the log files.
    3. You should specify the type of Catalog and path for it for PinPoint. For more please see the documentation of PinPoint. I use UCAC4 in my script.

    Second, SkyServer.wsc is used as com-server for ACPS. SkyServer gets all records from the log file and selects records in the last hour and calculates the avarage value of FWHM. Based on this value SkyServer sets the sky condition - Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor. What you need to change in this script:

    1. Date as in the previous UserActions.wsc script.
    2. You should set the path for log files, specified in the UserActions.wsc script.
    3. You should specify the time for calculate the avarage value of FWHM. In my scripts - 60 minutes.
    4. And values of FHWM for setting the sky conditions. In my script - Excellent < 2.5, 2.5 < Good < 4.0, 4.0 < Fair < 5.5, Poor > 5.5.

    Third, you should register two scripts:
    Right click on UserActions.wsc and select Register (if you didn't do it before). If you see a success popup, it's ready to go. If you see a failure popup, there is a mistake in the code or XML.
    On 64-bit systems it's a bit more complicated, as UserActions must be registered with the 32-bit siubsystem of Windows:

    1. Run C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cmd.exe <--- Yes, SysWOW64!
    2. ...> CD "\Program Files\ACP Obs Control" <-- Note quotes
    3. ...> regsvr32 UserActions.wsc

    For SkyServer.wsc the registration is same.

    Forth, You should check your SkyServer as com-server. Please use Skytest.vbs and run it. You should see two popup windows. First - with True, second - with 2 (the default setting for SkyServer).

    Fifth, You should specify the ID of SkyServer in ACPS properties. The ID of SkyServer is FWHM.SkyServer.

    Enjoy. =)

    P.S. Sorry for my English.
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