Hi there,

after having aborted the use of ACP due to a big issue with my telescope (it wasn't build in time), I found out about Pinpoint 6 and installed the trial version. It runs smooth as usual, but if I force an all-sky solving, I always get an error like this:
Plate-solve run at 04.01.2014 12:57:54Use File/Save As to save this file

C:\Users\interski\Desktop\fits\M 42\Calibrated-T14-ldemetz6816-M 42-20140102-233508-Luminance-BIN1-W-060-002.fit:
 9811 image stars found.
 10197 catalog stars found.
 All-sky solution failed: Upload status: RequestCanceled
Of course, making a normal solve runs perfectly and takes just a few seconds. What could be the cause for this?