Bad news... Tapatalk's engineers have basically ruined the app. I have never seen such an uprising against a company and its developers as is happening on the Tapatalk forums over the last month or so. Right now, for the current version, the ratings on the iTunes Store and Google Play Store are 1 star with nothing good to say. There are many hundreds of clear and reasonable posts relating to the things they broke and made difficult The sick thing is that the developers are not responding except to say they'll look at it in the near future. The vast majority of posts are saying that they should simply go back a few releases and then take in the user feedback (tons and tons of it). My guess is that some investors are pressuring them to "monetize or die", and the recent changes are trying to make it a social networking system instead of a forum front end. They retired the ad-free Pro/HD version. They gave everyone who bought that "vip" status so they would not see their ads. Then they proceeded to re-engineer it to the detriment of the program. I will continue to support it here, and if you are struggling with the current version(s) please give your feedback to Quoord Systems, and post a review. I'd love to see the handcuffs come off of the developers, as this used to be a very cool app.