I downloaded the ACP trial version and now I'm practising by using the simulators. Cameras (main camera and the guider) and the telescope are connected. I can slew the telescope using Slew or Sync button in ACP.

Guide Star Catalog 1.1 is installed. "Simulated starfields and pointing errors" is checked in the "General" tab.

When trying to take an automated image by using an AcquireImages.js-script and a simple plan created via web browser (Acquire a Single Image) I'll get the following error which I copy-paste here from the log:

16:56:42 There is a problem with the script support library:
16:56:42 []
16:56:42 If the above error message is not an obvious clue, contact
16:56:42 DC-3 Dreams customer support on the Comm Center
ACP console log closed 05-joulu-2013 16:56:42 UTC

What am I doing wrong?