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    Default Can't get to work

    I recently signed up to get the account I think it has been set up on the my-sky end OK, I just seem to be missing something on my end.

    My setup: my local IP address is

    Router (wireless) is
    Forwarding ports 80, 21, and 8245 to the Observatory Computer,
    Router runs wireless through a bridge to the observatory

    Observatory Computer, running ACP, is
    ACP has Web and FTP servers enabled on ports 80 and 21, respectively. ACP is running.
    No-IP program (DUC v4.0.1) is running. It looks different from the ACP help page since it has moved from v2.2.1, but it seems to be running correctly. I don't see the logging widget with messages as shown in the ACP Help. It shows as an enabled host. It is using client It indicates remote IP is (my local IP address). Images attached. I assume that the computer running the No-IP program defines the target for

    Observatory computer and information was set up a couple of weeks ago, plenty of time for DNS propagation.

    From my home computer (, on the same network as the Observatory), I can access the ACP server via address I get the usual login screen, then the ACP web page. All normal.

    From my Home computer, or any other computer, I cannot access I get a timeout error.
    From Home Computer, ping to times out.

    From Observatory computer, DUC program, use Tools/Check Open Port Tool. This brings up a web page where I can specify my IP (defaults to my and a port (I enter 80). The remote server somewhere then tries to access port 80. This check fails, for connection timing out. Port 21 also fails.

    Don't know what to try next
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    Robert Brewington
    ACP 8.1 / Win 10 64bit
    Tak FSQ106, Paramount MX Mount
    SBig ST2000XM, STF8300M/STi



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