I've downloaded the latest trial version (5.1) of PinPoint to see how well it works with some wide-field images (4.4deg by 4.4deg with 3.88" pixels) that I have. I'm happy to report that, on the first image set that I tried, it worked well. The plate solutions are decent. About 20,000 stars detected (down to about mag 21) and then 20 or so asteroids automagically detected on the first run (with another 10 or so manually picked). The problem arose when I went to the other image sets. I can solve the plates without any problem but, no matter what I do, I get no automatic asteroid detections. And, since there should be 20+ in each field, there's a problem somewhere. A colleague has tried with both an older version of PinPoint (v. 4.0.31) and the latest it works for him (after playing with different parameters). We're both using UCAC-2 and, even if I use the parameters that he does, I still fail to autodetect anything. One thing that I notice that seems odd is that my zeropoint is always -5.20 with the images that fail with asteroid auto-detection but about 21 with those that work. Thanks in advance for any guidance that you can provide.