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    Default I've lost Merlin!

    Just a minor question but I have lost my talking Merlin somehow! He was talking and now he isn't - I kind of find it useful in knowing what is happening without having to constantly watch the screen. I have sound including ACP sound effects such as when you open and close the program but no speech. I checked preferences and speech is enabled so nothing wrong there. Can I check for anything else? Thanks Alan

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    Hi Alan- Do you have access to the whole DC3 forum? If so, search "Merlin is Silent" and you'll find a January 28,2009 thread that might help. I had the same problem, and it provided the necessary files. You can also see a similar thread from me this week on the topic. I installed everything on a Win7 machine, and it works great. Also, after you get it working, try the talking Parrot "Peedy". He's a scream. Best, Rob
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